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Foundations of Tüfekçioğlu were laid in 1948 in Trabzon. In 1998, it realized its first initiative in the field of tourism by adding Car Rental sector to its achievements in the field of Construction for many years. It continues its journey of success that has lasted for more than 60 years, with the title of Tüfekçioğlu and with quality, comfort, and confidence.

To present superior quality service alternatives to all customers in our country in the sectors in which we are active. We realize this objective as a reliable institution thanks to our developing and self-regenerating human resource, our customer oriented approach, and our belief in sustainability.


To be recognized, known, appreciated, and preferred at every corner of our country in the sectors in which we are active. To ensure permanent superiorities by creating differences.






Car Rental Car Rental

Our vehicles are limited to 150 km of use per day. The km limits of our super sport vehicles may vary. Exceeding fees may vary depending upon the vehicle and you can receive information by contacting with our office personnel.

You can use the vehicles anywhere within the borders of Turkish Republic by informing our personnel during rental process whether you will go out of town and by informing them about your destinations.

The down payment is not refundable for cancellations between June 15 and September 15 (high season), including special occasions and holidays. Cancellations in off-season may be transferred to another vehicle and date within 6 months.

In addition to all compulsory insurances, all our vehicles are under a comprehensive insurance that covers crashes and accidents. In order to compensate for the possible cost of insurance, you must provide agreed accident report or damage report before the vehicle is taken away. Damages that occur under the influence of alcohol and drugs, involvement of another person in the accident, other than the persons specified in the contract, damages with incomplete documents, damages that occur due to improper road conditions (e.g. hitting the bottom of the vehicle) shall be exclusively compensated by the renter specified in the contract. It is impossible to compensate for the damage by declaration. We would like to inform you that the renter is responsible for all damages beyond the coverage limits. No insurance covers the service period of the vehicle; the rental price of the vehicle for this period shall be paid by the renter.

The car must be received from and returned to our office. You must notify our office personnel about external reception and delivery points while renting the car. One-way fee applies in accordance with the distance and the fee is added to the rental price. If you want to return the car in another location at the end of the rental period, you must notify our office personnel at least 1 (one) day before.

Unfortunately, you cannot go abroad with your rental car.

In order to avoid problems crossing the highways, all our vehicles are equipped with HGS / OGS. Tolls and tickets will be charged from your credit card at the end of the rental period, after the controls are made by our personnel.

You are obliged to comply with all applicable traffic rules and regulations. All fines, including traffic tickets will be paid by the renter and if the vehicle is kept by the official national or local authorities, regardless of the reason, the period will be considered within the rental period. The traffic tickets, which are notified to Tüfekçioğlu Group after the rental period, will be charged from your credit card

Our vehicles are delivered to you with full tank. Before you return the vehicle, we kindly request you to fill the tank at the nearest gas station to our office. If you return the vehicle with missing fuel or with empty fuel tank, the cost of fuel difference will be charged together with the service fee. If you return the vehicle in another location outside of our office, the fuel consumed in the distance between the vehicle’s location and our office will be compensated by you

For a person, other than the renter to drive the vehicle, valid identification card and driver’s license information must be identified to the contract in the beginning. In case of failure to comply with this rule, all insurances will become invalid, and the renter and the driver will be responsible for all fines and damages.

The term of car rental is minimum 24 hours. If you wish to rent a car for a shorter period, we have to charge daily price. For delays up to 3 hours, 1/3 of rental price will be charged for each hour; for delays more than 3 hours, daily price will be charged.

One month equals to 30 days in monthly rentals. For your long-term rental needs you may call us at 444 4 104 and ask for assistance, or you may request an offer by e-mailing us at the e-mail address available on this web site.

You must have your own credit card in order to rent a car. We would like to inform you that we will never accept a credit card, which belongs to a person other than the driver and the assistant driver. The total amount of your transaction will be charged from your credit card or in cash.

Apart from the renting fee, a pre-provision fee that varies depending on the vehicle groups will be charged from your credit card. This provision is taken for fuel differences and/or other extra costs; after the vehicle is returned back to the office without any problems, the provision is immediately cancelled. Depending on the principles of your bank, the provision will be repaid in between two days and one week. The amount of this provision starts from 3.000 TL and changes depending on the vehicle grades.

In order to rent a car from Tüfekçioğlu Group, you must be at least 21 years old and have a driver’s license that has been valid for at least 1 year.

Depending upon the vehicle grade, the conditions of age and driver’s license may change; you can contact with our personnel and get detailed information.


In order to legally institute the car rental process and to deliver a vehicle to you, the Vehicle Delivery Form must be signed mutually, which documents the properties of the vehicle, the rental price and period, and fuel and potential damages.

We provide detailed information regarding the contractual responsibilities of our customers both in our Tüfekçioğlu Group office and on our web site www.tufekcioglugroup.com.

Please read the General Rental and Delivery Conditions carefully before renting a vehicle, and we would like to remind you that you can call and request assistance by calling us at 444 4 104, by visiting our offices and by e-mailing at carrental@tufekcioglugroup.com .

In case you refuse to sign the Vehicle Delivery Form during both delivery and return, you will be deemed to have accepted the contents of the form and have accepted that you will receive an expertise report at your own cost if you have any objections against this Form, and that otherwise, your objections and claims will be disregarded.


  • You are fully responsible for the vehicle, its accessories and keys. You must drive the vehicle by complying with the Traffic Rules no: 26901 and in accordance with Highway Code no: 2918 dated 13.10.1983 throughout your rental agreement period.
  • You are responsible for driving the vehicle in accordance with the road conditions, climatic conditions and speed limits. You are responsible for damages that occur as a result of misusing the vehicle, crashing the vehicle into bumps and holes on the road, driving the vehicle off-road or on the beach, and as a result of water intrusion into the engine and other parts of the vehicle. You should not use the vehicle for racing, for speeding, to test the endurance and speed limits of the vehicle and to teach someone else to drive.
  • Please keep the vehicle doors locked at all times. Please make sure you use the correct and suitable fuel. Please check the oil levels and keep the tire pressures at proper levels.
  • Even though you have returned the vehicle, you will be responsible for any felonies, parking tickets, traffic tickets, and illegal OGS and HGS crossings that may come up later regarding your rental period. In addition, you are responsible for providing all information about yourself and the assistant driver, if required. You will be fully responsible for providing complete and correct information.
  • You may not sell, rent or dispose of the vehicle and its parts. You may not let anyone else drive the vehicle, even for free, except for the individuals stated on the contract. You may not bestow upon any legal rights or may not transfer your rights to another person.
  • Under any circumstances, never fill up brake, clutch, transmission oils or liquid levels of engine coolants. For your own safety. If you see any warning lights on the dashboard or see low oil levels, please immediately contact with us. The phone number of our emergency line, which is accessible 24/7, will be given to you by the office personnel.
  • If you detect any problems with the vehicle, you need to call us immediately. Please do not let anyone work on the vehicle without any written permissions.
  • You are obliged to bring the vehicle to the pre-determined location within business hours. The vehicle must be checked and controlled by our employees or other authorized persons before receiving. If you are unable to check the vehicle or if we mutually agreed that the vehicle would be returned out of business hours, you will be deemed to have accepted the examination to be performed by an authorized person or by our employee, and you will be responsible for all damages that may emerge within the period until the assessment. If you have any objections to this assessment, you may request an expertise report at your own cost.
  • You will be responsible for all expenses in order to restore the vehicle to its previous condition, due to the changes that were made without our consent, all damages that have not been recorded and/or have not been fully notified when returning the vehicle and the damages that are exclusively not covered by insurances/that are beyond the guarantee limit, and the damages on upholstery and wheel rims of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle must exclusively be used by yourself, by the assistant driver stated on the contract or by other individuals, who are permitted by our written consent. The driver must have a valid driver’s license in any case.
  • You may not drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. You may not transport more passengers than the capacity of the vehicle or you may not go beyond the borders of Turkish Republic.
  • Before returning the vehicle, please check if you have left any personal belongings in the vehicle. We take no responsibilities regarding the personal belongings that are left in the vehicle.


You will be responsible for the following fees:

  • Renting and one-way, navigation, baby seat, etc. fees that are specified on this web site or on the vehicle delivery form,
  • Sum of all fees, losses, damages, expenses, costs or liabilities that occur due to failure to comply with the rules specified in your responsibilities section,
  • You will receive the vehicle from our offices with full tank. In case you return the vehicle with a fuel level below the original level; 25% of service fee in addition to the fuel price between the fuel level specified on the vehicle delivery form and the current fuel level,
  • Court expenses that may arise due to tolls (bridges, highways, ferries, etc.), congestion charges, traffic tickets, speeding tickets, parking or other traffic violations (includes the expenses that may arise due to towing and/or keeping of the vehicle), and all damages that may arise from confiscation of the vehicle,
  • Tolls, fines or other expenses that we incurred, plus 20 TL service fee for each payment,
  • All damage repair fees, which have not been specified on the Vehicle Delivery Form and which have not been recorded, at the end of the rental period,
  • In case of any accidents or damages, rental price of the vehicle for the period spent in service,
  • The repairing fee for the damages, which are not covered by the insurance, and the fees for the period, when the vehicle cannot be rented due to this damage (it will be charged over the standard daily rental price),
  • All kinds of damages that may arise due to detainment of the vehicle for any reason by the police forces and the fees for the period, when the vehicle cannot be rented,
  • Returning the vehicle outside of the provincial borders of the city, where our office is located, and all fees that may arise for receiving the vehicle,
  • Mileage exceeding fee

5% of monthly delay penalty shall apply if you fail to pay your debts in due time and this rate is regulated in accordance with monthly loan rates of the Central Bank. VAT will be added to the aforementioned fees.


By signing the Vehicle Delivery Form, you will be deemed to have accepted our insurance conditions. Unless otherwise specified, the insurance conditions specified in this informative document shall apply. If any other insurance application is in question, we will inform you about the insurance coverage and conditions in this platform.


The vehicle you will rent is under protection against crashing, collision, stealing and theft. The damages that may be incurred by third parties are within the coverage limits of the insurance. Damage exemption is out of the question under our insurance conditions. All damages, which have not been recorded properly (accident report, alcohol report, the documents of the parties involved in the accident, etc.), shall be the sole responsibility of the driver. For damages, which have not been recorded, the vehicle should never be repaired by deriver’s statement.

The insurance shall be valid under the following conditions:

  • The persons, whose names appear on the contract, should be driving the vehicle when the accident occurs,
  • The driver should not be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs,
  • In case the vehicle was involved in a SINGLE-PARTY accident or was stolen, the location of the vehicle should not be changed the driver should go to the nearest Police or Constabulary Department and receive accident, theft and alcohol reports,
  • In case of BIPARTITE accidents, the protocol for Accidents Resulting in Material Damage should be filled out as specified on the protocol, depending on the occurrence of the accident, apart from the following conditions:

In bipartite accidents, the accident report should be made out by a traffic police only in the following conditions:

  • If the driver drives an unlicensed vehicle,
  • If the driver is underage,
  • If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or if it is suspected that the driver has a mental illness,
  • If one of the vehicles involved in the accident is a public vehicle,
  • If public property is damaged,
  • If only the properties of third persons are damaged in the accident,
  • If one of the vehicles involved in the accident does not have a traffic insurance,
  • If the accident results in casualty and/or personal injury.


  • In case of THEFT, the “Theft Detection Report” must be received by the nearest police or constabulary office, and the keys and the vehicle license must be delivered to Tüfekçioğlu.

All damages exceeding the insurance limits shall be the responsibility of the renter.

You may receive further information from our offices regarding insurance

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